As a landscape/nature photographer my aim is to communicate the beauty of the natural World, as I experience it. To this end I endeavour to be faithful to prevailing conditions and rely on using aperture, shutter speed and graduated filters to achieve this. The resultant image, is as close, to the scene, viewed through the camera as possible.

In common with many photographers, I enjoy the experience and commitment involved, and in common with other photographers work early in the morning until late evening and beyond to capture the most dramatic light.

Printing is another aspect of photography I very much enjoy. Currently I use an A3+ archival printer and high quality archival media to produce prints. In practical terms 'archival' refers to stable inks and paper that does not fade or develop a colour cast (like the photographic prints produced by some -non specialist- retail outlets). I get a great deal of satisfaction in knowing that my images are displayed in someone’s home or office.

Lastly, although this website title refers to British landscapes, it also includes wildlife, and lately, images captured abroad.